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About Us

Greetings my beautiful Rooters. First off The Root of Love represents peace, Love, happiness and growth. We Believe that if we spread enough love throughout the world, that the land we live in will eventually be healed. And therefore we will have peace on Earth for the generations to come. We support a whole belief system that we the under privileged should support and build our own economy, instead of living by the rich laws and rules! Basically we believe you help us, we help you, we help each other, we must STAND together at once. We also provide life,family and relationship advice for people in need through PayPal and Cash App: $therootoflove Every session is totally discreet! The Root Of Love has been open and operating since January 2015 and been helping others in our local nearby communities for over 25 years. Our mission is too become a non profit and promote peace, love, happiness and growth, all over this land, that was put here by the Almighty Source. We teach how to uplift each other not according to financial status, religion, gender, sexuality or race but just as Humanity.....  one family under the same roof of The Almighty Source!  We can be reach through email:

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Twitter- Chris Hughes @ The Root Of Love